Rights of the clinical trial participant

Participation in the study is voluntary

The subject should have enough time to read the Patient Information and Informed Consent Form. In case of any doubts, the subject has the right to ask questions to the investigator.

You may withdraw from the study at any time.

Withdrawal from the study may occur at any time during the study without giving any reason. Withdrawal will not forfeit your right to standard medical care.

Right to protection of personal data

Before taking part in the study, the participant must agree to the processing of personal data for the purposes of the study. However, throughout the duration of the study, you have the right to update your data.

Right to information

The subject has the right to be informed by the treating physician about his or her medical condition at any stage of the clinical trial. In addition, the subject has the right to inspect his or her test results on an ongoing basis during the study, and may request a copy of the test results.

The subject should be informed if there is any new information about the treatment or intervention used in the study that may affect his or her further decision to participate in the study.

Participation in a clinical trial is free of charge

The participant is not obliged to cover any costs related to the study procedures. In no case can it finance any medical treatment or examination. In addition, the subject is entitled to reimbursement of documented costs related to participation in the trial, such as travel expenses.

Right to compensation

Each clinical trial participant is entitled to compensation. In the event of permanent damage to a patient's health resulting from participation in a clinical trial, the subject is entitled to appropriate compensation. The insurance requirement is set forth in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on obligatory civil liability insurance of the investigator and the sponsor.

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