Benefits of participating in a clinical trial

Free health check

  • A detailed physical examination by qualified investigators who are very often high level specialists in a particular therapeutic area.
  • Full package of tests of many morphological, biochemical, serological parameters enabling early detection of developing diseases/infections.
  • The possibility of performing additional tests such as chest X-ray, spirometry during which serious diseases such as lung cancer can be diagnosed.
  • If any abnormalities are detected, the participant will receive a copy of the results and will be referred to appropriate specialists for further diagnostics.

Free health care

Upon qualifying for the study, the participant can expect to:

  • Continuous medical care consisting of regular medical examinations, during which the participant can consult with the researcher about any ailments
  • Laboratory tests (e.g. morphology, biochemistry, biological markers)
  • Referrals for other diagnostic tests necessary to monitor the treatment process such as computed tomography.


Participation is free

  • The participant is not obligated to bear the costs of treatment or tests performed.
  • Often travel/accommodation to the study site is reimbursed.
  • In early phase studies there is financial compensation for healthy volunteers to participate in the study.


Access to innovative treatments

  • This is a great opportunity for patients suffering from incurable diseases who have already used up all conventional treatments.
  • It is often the only opportunity to benefit from the latest drugs that are not yet available on the pharmaceutical market.
  • Innovative drugs are usually very expensive, so for many patients participating in a clinical trial is the only way to benefit from such treatment.

Impact on medical development

By participating in the study, we are contributing to knowledge in the field:

  • The action of a specific medicinal product;
  • Safety of use; 
  • Determine how long it takes for the drug to reach its maximum concentration in the body, which will allow you to adjust the dose and frequency at which the product should be used in the future;
  • Verify side effects.

Helping your neighbor

  • If the innovative drug proves to be effective and safe, i.e. after successful completion of all phases of clinical trials, it will be introduced into the pharmaceutical market, thus making it possible to benefit from the latest treatment methods and restore health to people who, until now, have suffered from incurable diseases.
  • By taking this opportunity to improve your own health, you can contribute to improving the lives of many other sick people around the world.

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